About us


Our company

Tema Facılıty Management has been regıstered and operatıng ın the servıce sector sınce 2010.

It has been offering professional solutions to selected institutions and organizations since then with full satisfaction. We have worked without compromising our service quality and continue to progress in this direction. It has always prioritized customer satisfaction and adapted today’s technology to the sector by the assistance of our expert staff. Thanks to the innovations that have been brought to the sector and the breakthroughs. We have been among the highest quality service providers and most reliable companies. We will always continue on its way with a better understanding.

We are a big family and want to include you to share our success. There are so many valuable people who have adopted our family, united to us,supported us, and our number has increased every day.



As a requirement of respect for our customers and business, our company is aware of the trust in the projects we have undertaken, and closely follows the technological and scientific developments in the sector and conveys the theoretical and practical information flow to all personnel in the organization without losing time.

We would like to state that we accept to abide by our customers’ quality standard as a principle to provide quality and trouble-free services and professional solutions.

By combining our innovative, creative and dynamic structure with experience, we ensure that you reach your goals in the most efficient way. The next goal is to continue to develop with our entrepreneurial and courageous structure in the sector and to offer its service quality to a large number of clients.

The Prıncıple of

No Success Wıthout Educatıon

 We prioritize working with qualified personnel to provide quality services. Therefore, we put our staff through a series of training titled Basic Training, Practice Training, Special Training, Refresher Training and Quality Training. Basic Education and Motivation explains the meaning of the work and the use of equipment.

The theoretical knowledge provides in Basic Education turns into Applied Training in project area under the supervision of chiefs and project managers.

The coordination of the Freshman Training, which is given to renew the information in the field of study, is provided by the training and motivation officers. Cleanliness, such as ground and surface properties, in projects that require different methods according to their qualifications, our staff receive Special Training. ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Training and Total Quality Management Training, industrial engineers and quality assurance officers offer a wide range of training program to TEMA GROUP managers and employees.



By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, it has adopted the “BEST OF SERVICE WITHOUT LIMITS” policy and continues to be the leader in its sector and to make its name well-known in the market with our understanding of quality.



  • Long-term references and business examples by industry,
  • Strong technological infrastructure,
    Innovative and flexible organization,
  • Flexible financial structure,
  • Visionary professional management
  • Know-How from many years of experience